Privacy Policy

Effective Date

24 May 2011


This policy covers all content available through

Server Logs

This site has standard logging turned off and does not retain standard HTTP data (including cookies).

1st Party Cookies

This site uses the Drupal and as such may use cookies to store login information and otherwise make the site function.

3rd Party Cookie

This site may use and test various 3rd party cookies and tracking technologies. The results of these tests are never shared in an identified fashion even where there is PII potentially associated with cookies.

Uploaded Data

This site allows you to upload actual traffic data. This data is stored in a database and is accessible from your login and your login alone. This login is protected by a password of your choosing. This data is not shared with others and is provided reasonable security. While the administrators of this site may need to access or delete uploaded data to ensure the proper functioning of this site, uploaded data will not be used for other purposes. Note - in order to provide access protection, uploaded data is associated with your login identity. This should be considered before uploading potentially sensitive information. You may delete data uploaded in association with your login at anytime.