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Definitions applicable for below:
  • Party Collecting Data is defined as a second level domain. A second level domain is anything of the form By way of example, and would be treated as distinct collectors, but and would be treated as the same collector.
  • A Distinct Cookie is defined by a unique cookie name with respect to an individual domain. By way of example cookies both named "id" on two distinct domains would be considered two cookies, as would two different names on the same domain.
  • A Party with a Cookie Associated with PII is defined by the P3P Compact Policy the cookie issuer provides when the cookie is set. If the P3P policy contains any Data Category or Purpose that Internet Explorer flags as linking to or requiring the use of PII, then the party making such statement is identified as one party associating a cookie with PII. NOTE given recent studies of the accuracy of P3P policies, it may well be the case that this result is flawed, but given the two possible errors: 1) failure to declare a PII element when it is actually occuring or 2) declaring a PII element when such practice is not occuring, we leave it to the reader to decide which is more likely.
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