Cookies in practice

Cookies Serve Many Important Functions
This disadvantages of a stateless web are fairly obvious and as a practical matter cookies are used where ever preferences or state otherwise needs to be maintained. In this section we describe some of the common problems cookies are used to overcome. In the following sections you will see descriptions of how cookies are used in Advertising, Analytics, Web Site Preference Management and Shopping Carts. Please note this is in no way meant to be an exhaustive list.

Examples Of Cookies At Work
To show how Cookies work as reminders please see the field below which will show your first name (or at least the name you input in the provided form). If no name is given it will show "name not given", but once you input a name into the field you will see your name and the Cookie: header which brought it every time you return to this page.
You may delete the cookie or change its value, but please note it will take a subsequent page view for the change to take effect. If you think about this it will make sense as the Cookie-Set: header is a response to the page you are currently receiving and changes the cookie only on the next request.

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