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It is no longer the case that visiting a website means you visit only that website. Today it is more likely that the site will have dozens of parties both contributing to the content and collecting data relating to such contribution. Though cookies are by far not the only means of data collection, they are often used to maintain state or to track users from one time to the next or from one site to the next. This site has been created to allow you better transparency into the parties involved in data collection on websites and their use of cookies. It does not rely on the disclosures made by those sites, but rather by the actual transactions browsers engage in as they visit these sites. In fact, it is often very interesting to examine the mismatches of what sites say in their privacy policies and what actually occurs as users visit these sites as shown through actual examination of traffic data.

This site allows for the examination of either sample data from popular sites which has been preloaded into the system, or it allows you to upload your own experiences via output from the popular Mozilla plugin, LiveHTTPheaders. As multiple people may be using the site at any given time to examine different data sets, you will need to create a login. Please be respectful with the size of the data you upload as it will impact the performance of all users on the system.


In addition to allowing you to examine Real World Examples of traffic data and the ability to compare that with sites' claims. This site also attempts to offer valuable explanatory information.

In Intro to the Cookie you will find laymen level explanations of what a cookie is, how cookies are used to reference or store data, how machine readable privacy policies may be associated with cookies and more.

In Anonymity and PII you will find valuable information that may help you better understand claims relating to anonymity.

In Cookies in practice you will be able to set your own cookie and see it in action. Additionally you will see practical examples of various ways in which cookies are practically used.

In Crumbling a cookie you will be provided with a more detailed look at how cookies are set and replayed.

We hope you find this resource useful!